Medical Insurance has been mandatory for UAE residents, the large amount of data available on the internet can make buying medical insurance a difficult process. Too much data can confuse ordinary residents. This information overblow might end up making the customer buy the wrong insurance coverage. For people who have critical illnesses such as cancer or heart disease, residents are unaware of the best insurance cover that can help them cover those expenses. A recent survey has found that more than 80 percent of the UAE residents are inadequately covered.

Under cover a major area of concern in critical illness

Medical insurance covering critical illness is a major talk in the region. In 2019, the Rahma Cancer Patient Care Society explained that the average cost of treatment for chemotherapy is around Dh 32,000 a month. Furthermore, the cost of open-heart surgery can easily cost the patient Dh 150,000, very expensive indeed!. What makes it even more dangerous is the fact that most UAE residents underestimate the cost of these illnesses and this in turn results in inadequate insurance cover. Hence, the cost usually far exceeds most insurance covers.

Seeing from the above-mentioned trends some insurance providers have developed unique products that can cover the expenses of most critical care illness treatments. Others have opted for a different approach, they have developed products that can bridge the gap that the insurance policy can not cover. These products provide security, peace of mind, and most importantly it prevents a whole in the policyholder's wallet at the time of the treatment.

Some of the critical care insurance covers available in the market can compensate for the lost earnings due to the treatment of the illness. While getting treatment for the critical illness the patient may be in most cases unable to work hence compensation for the lost earnings is the best way to encourage treatments. This scheme in a way incentivizes people to get early diagnosis and treatment for their disease before the situation has gone from bad to worst. Early diagnosis and treatment can save the insurance company from a huge treatment cost reimbursement claim. Earlier the treatment of the disease less the cost of curing and better the chance of survival and vise versa.

Critical Insurance Cover is for Everyone

There have been cases when a person is diagnosed with critical illness despite living a healthy life. Hence it is always advised to buy critical insurance cover not just for the breadwinner of the family alone but the entire family as well. It is in a way a perfect gift for your loved one’s birthday.

Prospective buyers must look into the insurance policy paperwork before buying insurance products from the insurance provider. Make sure to buy the policy from a policy provider who has a clear track record of fast and hassle-free reimbursements. Even if the premium that you pay for such a policy is higher than the rest. Online insurance brokerage services like can help consumers to compare various insurance services and buy the one that suits him/her the best. It gives the consumer a chance to buy insurance with a click of a button.

According to Insurance experts in the industry, the average claim age for critical illness is below 49 years. This could be attributed to our new lifestyle and food habits, especially among millennials. There are insurance covers that offer Dh 1million cover at very affordable rates. Some of the critical care insurance premiums can start from as low as Dh4 per day.

Most insurance products provide consumers an opportunity to insure themselves against the critical illness for as long as a 10-year term. When it comes to critical insurance the best advice is not to underestimate or overestimate the claim, take advice from industry experts and come to an optimum conclusion.

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