Have you purchased a car? Then you are required to buy car insurance in the UAE as per government law. With car insurance covering all damages from natural disasters and accidents, this decision is hailed as advantageous for all drivers. Third-party insurance and comprehensive car insurance are the two most popular types of car insurance in Dubai and all other Emirates in the UAE.

When you decide to buy car insurance, you will research the many options around you, their specifics, add-ons, premium costs, and all other elements. The best time to buy a car insurance policy is one that comes up frequently in the minds of some of us. You are at the right place with information on the ideal times to buy car insurance, how to purchase motor insurance online and other cities in the UAE, the required documents to do so, and when to renew your car insurance policy.

The Best Time to Buy a Car Insurance

There is no particular time that can be deemed the best time to purchase car insurance in the UAE. Before starting to drive on the road, you should buy car insurance, according to the Roads and Transportation Authority of the UAE. So, it is ideal to buy car insurance as soon as you buy and register your vehicle. However, there are some great days to purchase a car!

The Best Time to Purchase a Car

Each year, there are specific dates and periods when the price of cars and auto loan rates fall, helping you determine the best time to buy a car.

Ramadan: considered a very blessed month in the UAE, is also a great time to get a new car. Along with super reductions, car dealers also offer a minimum down payment, free car insurance, roadside assistance, and more.

National Holidays: During these days, car dealers offer attractive discounts on new car purchases, including free maintenance services and warranties.

Summer: Car dealers offer minimal pricing, low-interest rates, and insurance deals as the demand for cars will be lower during the summer.

End of the Year: Dealers provide enticing discounts on new car purchases to clear off the year's model lineup. In keeping with the previous point, these are the best times to buy car insurance because the interest rate is also lower.

How to Buy Car Insurance in Dubai?

Keep in mind all of your needs before purchasing car insurance in Dubai, as this will help you to ascertain whether an offered plan satisfies you at a reasonable price.

Visit policyhouse.com or contact your preferred car insurance company to proceed with the best deals.

It is strongly advised that you compare several insurance providers and their plans, regardless of the mode you choose in the preceding stage.

After choosing an insurance company and a plan, fill out the application and submit it along with the required documentation to finish the application process.

Your insurance company will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps for car insurance in Dubai.

Documents Required for Car Insurance

A duplicate of the driving license

Details about the car model, size, and the year of manufacture

Record of previous insurance claims

Registration card (RC) of the car (photocopy)

RTA Transfer Certificate

When Should You Renew Your Car Insurance?

The majority of Dubai's car insurance plans are offered for a 12-month term. However, there will be a time window of 30 days during which you can renew your car insurance without being penalized. Since you will continue to receive insurance coverage at the same or lower cost with minimal hassle, now is often regarded as the best time to renew your car insurance.

Documents Required to Renew Your Car Insurance in the UAE

If you intend to stay with the same insurance company, you can change the policies per the agreements. However, you should present the following documents if you want to renew your insurance with another car insurance provider:

Car registration details

A copy of the driving license

A copy of your passport

A copy of the Emirates ID

A copy of the UAE visa for expatriates

You can renew your car insurance online in the UAE at policyhouse.com or from any other preferred website.

To Sum Up 

According to UAE regulations, car insurance is mandatory for all car owners in the country. When purchasing car insurance, you should research your options and compare them based on add-ons, features, and others. In the UAE, there isn't the best time to purchase car insurance because it depends more on when you buy the car.

There are times of the year when car prices and loan rates are lower, making it the best time to buy a car. As a result, deciding when to buy a car might also help you decide when to purchase car insurance. Good luck!

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