Due to the probability of fog forming in the UAE, the National Centre of Meteorology advised drivers to abide by traffic laws. NCM issued a statement advising against a worsening in horizontal visibility, which may occasionally decrease even further over some coastal and interior areas, notably westward. Please ensure that you have valid car insurance in Dubai and the UAE to avoid financial struggles against the damages caused by natural calamities. Car insurance in Dubai and other emirates is, of course, a good option to stay confident in your stable bank account. Think and choose wisely!

As a result of the reduced visibility caused by the fog, Abu Dhabi Police has also posted cautionary alerts on its social media accounts. The speed restrictions in the emirates are subject to change, so drivers are advised to abide by these changes. You can notice the changes that are displayed on the electronic information boards. Residents have been cautioned by Abu Dhabi Police to drive carefully and pay attention to the new speed limits. The country's maximum temperature on Sunday at 14:00 UAE local time in Sweihan (Al Ain) is 31.4°C.

The following driving safety advice should be kept in mind if you drive in foggy conditions:

> Drive more slowly and give yourself more time to reach your destination.

> Use your low-beam headlights to make your vehicle visible to people both in front of you and behind you, since this also activates your tail lights.

> If you have fog lights, use them. Never turn on your high beams.

> Glaring from high beams makes it more challenging for you to see what is in front of you on the road.

> For sudden stops or alterations in the flow of traffic, leave enough space between your car and the one in front of you.

> Follow the lines on the road to make sure you are staying in the correct lane.

> Activate your hazard/warning lights, then pull into a secure spot, such as the parking lot of a nearby stop or local business, when visibility is close to nil in extremely severe fog.

> Pull your car as far off the road as you can if there isn't a driveway or parking area to pull into.

> When you reach the stop, ensure that all of your lights are off aside from your hazard flashers, set the emergency brake, and release the brake pedal. This will prevent other vehicles from hitting you by accident.

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