The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) has already announced that once the program comes into force on January 1, 2023, purchasing an insurance plan against job loss would be required. So, the rule is in force for all the employees in the nation. 

Employees of federal government agencies and private-sector businesses can enroll in the Unemployment Insurance Scheme for as little as Dh5 per month. In the tough context of job loss resulting from a non-disciplinary reason, the system provides a monetary reward for a set amount of time that cannot exceed three consecutive months per claim. 

The Subscription Channels

Insurance Pool's website (

Insurance pool's smart application

Bank ATMs and kiosk machines

Business service centers

Money exchange companies

du and Etisalat


Who All Offers Insurance?

The Dubai Insurance Company, a representative of the insurance pool made up of nine companies, will offer the scheme, which, according to the MoHRE, includes:

Insurance companies in Dubai

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

Al-Ain Ahlia Insurance Company

Emirates Insurance Company

National General Insurance Company

Orient Insurance

Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company

Oman Insurance Company

Orient UNB Takaful Company 

The Compensation & Premiums

Here, you can depend on two categories:

In category 1, the basic salary is Dh16,000 or below with an insurance premium of Dh5 per month. The monthly compensation will not exceed Dh10,000.

In category 2, the basic salary is above Dh16,000 with an insurance premium of Dh510 per month. The monthly compensation will not exceed Dh20,000. 

How to Calculate Claims

The monthly compensation will equal 60% of the yearly average earnings for the most recent 12 months preceding the loss of employment. The maximum compensation for a single claim is three months in a row.

The aggregate claim payment shall not exceed 12 monthly benefits during the insurance period for the insured's full working life in the UAE (regardless of the number of claims submitted).

Are You Eligible?

The following prerequisites must be satisfied by the insured for them to be eligible for compensation, according to the insurance pool's website:

A minimum subscription term is 12 months straight.

The timely payment of all insurance premiums was required.

Resignation should not be the reason for unemployment.

The reason for the job termination must not have been disciplinary.

The claim must be filed within 30 days of the job loss date.

There shouldn't be any unresolved issues with the employee's absence from work.

If there was fraud or dishonesty involved in the employee's claim, they would not be eligible for compensation.

Non-peaceful labor strikes or stoppages shouldn't lead to the loss of jobs.

The insured person must be present in the UAE legitimately.

One of the following factors should not be the cause of the loss of employment:

1. Neither a civil disorder, an armed revolt, a riot, an act of a foreign adversary, war, invasion, revolution, civil war, military or usurping force, hostilities, or insurrection.

2. Pollutant discharge, a nuclear accident, or any other potentially dangerous effects of explosive nuclear equipment or a component of such equipment.

3. Terrorism-related chemical or biological pollution that either results from or fuels it.

4. The employer's facility was expropriated, nationalized, or had his or her money confiscated as a direct result of UAE government action, which caused insolvency.

5. Force majeure, as defined by the Civil Transactions Law, are unforeseeable situation. 

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