Are you looking for low-cost car insurance in Dubai and the UAE? How to find it is one of the most often queries we receive. There is no foolproof method for lowering the cost of motor insurance, but there are several tried-and-true methods we're delighted to share. Fortunately, finding the best motor insurance online or any other emirate is an easy procedure with a variety of providers/brokers and plans to pick from. Here we share the top five money-saving tips.

Initially, consider the type of vehicle 

Do your homework on how much insurance is going to cost before purchasing a vehicle. Let's face it: even if you choose to purchase an older model, the Ford Mustang won't be as affordable to insure as a Toyota Corolla. The purchase of the vehicle is only the first step; you also need to take into account ongoing costs, such as fuel and maintenance, among which your car insurance is one. Therefore, always include them in your overall shopping budget!

Benefits with a higher excess 

The amount you would be obligated to pay in the case of a claim is called the "excess." The majority of car insurance policies have two forms of excess: compulsory (an amount specified by the insurer based on the reason for the claim) and voluntary (the sums you choose, and it’s up to you). The premium can be reduced by increasing the amount you decide to pay, but you should always make sure you can afford it because you will be required to pay it for any claims.

Consider no claim discounts in mind before claiming 

You will get discounts and other rewards if you haven't filed a claim during that insurance year at your next renewal. It’s a percentage against the premium charged, therefore no claims may result in a financial advantage. Consider that you file a claim under your policy, but the cost is one you'd be happy to pay on your own. It’s also fair to claim a small amount, like a few hundred dirhams for minor bodywork damage or a broken windshield, but the no-claims discount saves you more money than that.

Avoid using auto-renewal unless necessary 

Since we all prefer ease when it comes to protecting our cars, choosing auto-renewal may seem like the obvious decision. It's undeniably the easiest choice, but is the easiest choice necessarily the best, and are the alternatives truly that much harder? Choosing auto-renewal exposes you to the following risks:

Overspending on your insurance 

Missing out on super offers that are currently available in the market

 Not knowing what your "real" premium should be because it's possible that your old premium rate was just "rolled over"

 Not getting all the value-added benefits you may obtain elsewhere, such as incentives, discounts, rewards, and deals from strategic partnerships that your existing insurer is unable to provide. 

Since you are renewing based on the present structure, you are not receiving the widest coverage possible.

Finding alternatives isn't hard or complicated, but we understand that it can take time, which is why you should make your first port of call. We do proper market research so you don't have to, and our services are just as thorough as the insurance policies we offer! The effort required to renew your existing insurance is the same because all it takes is a single click or phone call to get in touch with us, but you could be getting so many more exciting offers!

Lighten the load and maximize your money When your payment period may be extended, why stretch yourself? Ask your insurance company about payments that ease the burden. You need car insurance in Dubai and the UAE but wish to pay the annual premium without any pressure. As a trustworthy insurance provider, provides exciting options to all customers.

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