"Are you sure it's the right product for you?" is one of the main questions you always ask yourself before purchasing any kind of product because there is a certain amount of ambiguity involved. Can I afford it? Will it give me what I need? How much money should I insure myself for? These are some other questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a life-changing product like life insurance.

How much would my loved ones need if I were to suddenly pass away? Will my insurance be sufficient to help my kids in the future? The same question has gone through your mind, right? Because of these worries, the majority of life insurance contracts include a free-look period. Here, we debunk the "free look" concept a bit further to give you more confidence while making your crucial life insurance purchase.

Define "Free Look" Period

All life insurance policies of insurance companies in UAE must have a "free look" period, which is a cooling-off period, in accordance with regulatory rules. It's a time frame set aside for you to modify or cancel your policy free of charge. The insurance authority in the UAE has fixed the free look period for life insurance at a month.

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The Free Look Period's Calculation Method

What time does the free look period begin? The countdown often begins on the day the policy documents were signed, the day the cover begins, or the date the policy was issued. You should be aware of the dates because there may be a fee if you request a cancellation after the free look period has passed.

Is It Really An Advantage?

With the purpose of safeguarding customers, the free look time was established. The merit of getting more space and time to think over your life insurance purchase and the terms and conditions is evident. Moreover, it offers you the choice to end your policy instantly and, in most cases, get a complete return of your payment without incurring any fees. Therefore, you have the choice to withdraw during the first 30 days if you change your mind or just decide to back out for any reason.

Your free look period will start as soon as you get your life insurance policy from insurance companies in dubai and the UAE, so take considerable time to review it, confirm whether you need to create any changes or if you wish to cancel it, and then get in touch with your insurance broker in dubai and the UAE or insurance companies in uae to let them know your plans and ask them to follow.

Undoubtedly, the life insurance policy you select will satisfy your demands because buying a life insurance policy from insurance companies in dubai and the UAE is a crucial decision that will affect both you and your family. You should invest your time in reading the policy papers and paying attention to the terms and conditions in particular.

Enquire with your insurance broker in dubai and the UAE or insurance companies in uae to clarify any points that aren't apparent to you. For the purpose of protecting consumers, the free look period is set up so that you have time to think facts over and can cancel your policy without incurring any fees.

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The UAE Insurance Regulator, as part of their overall strategy for consumer protection, implemented the free look period. It is very important because it offers each person who buys life insurance in Dubai and the UAE the space and time to consider what their policy gives in comparison to their demands, ensuring that the policy satisfies those expectations and demands. Every buyer of life insurance should take advantage of this worthwhile perk. Ensure your advantage of a free look period with Policyhouse! 

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