When entering a profession that requires long hours and continual attention to their patients' illness and suffering, medical practitioners in the UAE carry on a significant burden. They are also responsible for the results of the decision they make on those patients. But one of the most difficult challenges they face is living in constant danger of being sued for medical malpractice in Dubai, where such lawsuits are on the rise.

Severe errors in diagnosis, medication, or, even worse, agreeing on the wrong treatment or performing it wrongly will end a medical practitioner's career and change their lives forever. If their conduct, whether deliberate or unintentional, is deemed negligent, they may face claims that devastate their finances and may even face jail time.

What is Medical Malpractice Insurance and How Does That Work?

It is a form of liability insurance covering healthcare professionals such as physicians, surgeons, nurses, and lab technicians from professional negligence lawsuits. For suspected misdiagnosis, surgical mistakes, premature discharge, failure to properly check lab reports, or other errors and omissions, medical practitioners may face compensation lawsuits from patients or their families.

A court of law may pay monetary compensation to the defendant as damages. These sums may be enormous, and medical practitioners would be unable to bear them. The provision covers damages awarded by a competent court of law for injuries, death, extra costs to repair the mistake, or for pain and emotional anguish incurred. Judicial and defence fees accrued as a part of the litigation will also be compensated.

Why do doctors need Medical Malpractice Insurance?

- Due to the nature and scope of medical liabilities, medical malpractice insurance in the UAE is a must before beginning any medical careers.

- It helps medical practitioners to continue delivering care without fear of financial ruin in the event of a human mistake by passing the burden of such claims to an insurer.

- Peace of mind with a sufficient liability cap to safeguard your financial situation and career

What is covered by Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Medical malpractice insurance in Dubai provides coverage for penalties granted by a judge for professional incompetence. The programme also includes legal and defence risks.

It would offset all civil responsibility for reimbursement for physical or psychiatric damage or death incurred by the insured's neglect, omission, or accident regarding diagnosis, prescriptions, drug administration, surgical or maternity errors, including all other mistakes made when providing professional services. This would also cover the expenses of representing the insured care doctor, such as legal fees and court costs.

In some instances, provision for missed income and liability for the insured's pain and distress resulting from the claim is available.

What are the medical malpractice insurance limits?

The financial cap up to which the insurer can pay expenses, including legal fees, per incident or in a sequence of accidents during a policy year is known as the Limit of Indemnity.

Depending on the client's needs, limits ranging from AED 250,000 to AED 5,000,000 can be provided. Higher limits (up to AED 100m) may be available and are accepted mainly by more extensive facilities with many medical practitioners, such as hospitals with inpatient treatment.

The policy limit of liability for a single claim (any one occurrence) is usually set separately from the policy limit of liability for all claims in general over the year.

What isn't included?

- Punitive or exceptional damages are two types of damages

- Punishments and fines

- Care rendered by a medical practitioner who is not licensed to do so

- Claims submitted after a policy has expired or a doctor or specialist has been removed from the procedure.

How can Policyhouse.com assist you?

Medical malpractice insurance is required by statute, but even if it weren't, it would be essential for those working in the medical and health fields, where there is always the possibility of something going wrong. Their work revolves around their patients' health and well-being, and it necessitates making personal decisions on acts that will either cure or damage them.

Many who go it alone must depend on their discretion when choosing the correct medical malpractice insurance provider. But it isn't necessary to do so. Policyhouse.com's knowledgeable and seasoned online insurance experts will assist you in finding the best insurance company at the right price.

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