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It’s only human to look for opportunities to save one’s hard-earned money. Saving up on car insurance premiums is no different. With mounting premium amounts and expensive policies, car insurance is a potential arena where people want to and can save their money while at the same time, avail maximum benefits. Being wise and following the right steps to curtail the premium, can help you minimize the risks and maximize the benefits. offers three tips on how to efficiently save up on your car insurance.


Don’t auto-renew

Avoid ticking the auto-renewal tab while signing up a new policy. In case if you do, and you’re not attentive with regard to the auto-renewal date, your current insurance policy will continue to remain effective for the next year as well. This takes away the opportunity to compare and check quotes from other companies for the next year.

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Compare Your quotes

Streamline your specific coverage features and extensively compare between a good number of quotes offered by leading insurance providers until you locate the best offer that suits your requirement. It may seem like a lot of work, but this definitely pays in terms of reduced insurance.

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Avail no claim bonus

A fruitful way to reduce your car insurance premium every year. Every car insurance firm offers a No Claim Bonus (NCB) which is a reward for not claiming the insurance premium. This bonus amount is discounted from the next year’s insurance premium. So drive safe, avoid accidents and claims, and maintain a steady NCB.

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Don’t auto-renew
your car insurance

Auto-renewals are often automatically added into your policy, which means, your insurance will renew year after year, or as per mentioned in the policy, if not intimated prior to the renewal. Auto-renewal seizes the opportunity of the insurer to compare the amount with last years’ premium. It also doesn’t allow the insurer to compare quotes from other insurance firms.
So don't settle for auto-renewals and expose your premium to attractive deals by comparing the rates with prior to renewing your policy.


Don't just auto-renew, educate yourself at before renewing your car insurance.


Prioritize your coverage and benefits to find the perfect match.


Compare the rates and let insurance companies compete to get your car insured with them.


How Car InsuranceComparison

Compare before you pay. This has to be your motto while searching for ideal car insurance policies. Prior to purchasing the policy, comparing the leading insurance providers with respect to their quotes and coverage encourages you to make a well-informed decision. Here’s how comparison can be a beneficial move for you.

Here's how comparison will help you:

Different insurance companies.
Different car rates.

Rather than placing the final decision in the hands of your insurance agent, start comparing car insurance companies on the basis of the different rates offered for the same policy. With the policy comparing feature at, you can scroll through hundreds of different companies and their available rates that align with your specific coverage requirement and safeguard your interests, i.e., the same policy at a lesser price.

Customizable policy

Insurance agents working for specific companies and promoting their offers will never expose you to the possibilities of customizing your policy. Comparing policies with numerous insurance providers give you a better understanding of the additional features available and empower you to customize your policy according to your allows you to create your own policy at the best possible rates.

Handpick the Add-ons

Without being able to compare the options available, you can never handpick your add-ons as per your requirement. A quick comparison makes you aware of the potential add-ons that can be included in your policy, which could be beneficial to your requirement. At, you can compare the leading insurance providers along with the policy add-ons offered by them.

Side-to-side comparison

It is quite strenuous to visit and scroll through the websites of promising insurance providers to compare their rates and select the most appropriate package amongst all. On the other hand, comparing the rates on a single platform and getting a side-to-side comparison of different companies is a much more streamlined and time saving method. Availing maximum benefits and complete coverage is a matter of few clicks at


Avail no claim bonus

Claim by Not Claiming!

As the name suggests, No Claim Bonus is a reward that a policyholder can earn by maintaining a claim free record. No Claim Bonus is basically a discount that generally ranges from 20-50% on the premium payable and can be only claimed by not making any claims in the preceding years of the policy.

No Claim Bonus: A Policy Reward

Minimizing the burden of payable premium amount, availing a No Claim Bonus is beneficial in every sense. The No Claim Bonus is offered to the policy holder and not the vehicle, thus, it is applicable even when you replace your existing car.

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Expert Advice

By a comprehensive method to compare the policies and filter out the ideal package, strives to work towards the benefits of its customers. From comparing the policies to getting your car insured, at, you can get expert advice to make well informed decisions at every stage of your purchase.


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Our job doesn't end at simply offering a comparative view of insurance policies. We have a strong post sales assistance team that is available at your service round the clock.

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